Who We Are

Our Mission:

Southwest Institute for Families and Children is dedicated to improving the lives of families and children through proven scientific models & changes that meet current & future needs.

Southwest Institute for Families and Children (SWI) is a regional non-profit organization in Phoenix, Arizona.  We engage in research and development related to health, education, and social services for families and children. Katie and mom  Firmly grounded in community-based research, we help groups develop and implement projects that are responsive to local needs.

For example: 

  • designing community-based asset assessments,
  • fostering volunteerism, community, and systems change,
  • creating culturally responsive research and evaluation models,
  • improving access to pediatric health care through medical homes,
  • building preschool centers of excellence,
  • preparing parents to improve school readiness in young children,
  • educating strong self-reliant parent advocates for children with disabilities, and
  • building self-advocacy in youth with disabilities as they enter adulthood

Our team includes highly regarded professionals in health care, medicine, education, social work, and research who focus on social, economic, and demographic change via 21st century technology.  We are leaders in developing practical technological applications that improve the lives of families, youth, and children.

Staff Pics for slide 017In addition, SWI evaluators assist communities and programs to use valid and reliable data to measure change, allocate resources, educate constituents, and plan for the future in socially and economically responsible ways.  Our partners have included diverse communities across Arizona and New Mexico, American Indian communities, public and private education systems, universities, faith-based organizations, and special interest groups of families and young adults with disabilities.

Southwest Institute for Families and Children
255 E. Osborn Rd., Suite 103

Phoenix, AZ 85012