2021 Self advocates conference

Self Advocacy Solutions is proud to announce our first annual Self Advocates Conference. The conference will be free online on Saturday, September 25, 2021.

Join us for this free online event where we will have presentations and guest speakers talk about issues that are important to people with disabilities in Arizona as well as throughout the nation.

Self Advocacy Solutions

2021 Self Advocates Conference – Uniting Self Advocates Across Arizona Conference

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Keynote Speaker Teresa Moore

Teresa Moore talks about the history of the self advocacy movement. Teresa also has a panel of self advocates talk about their lived experience.

Self Advocacy: It’s Key for Everyone’s Success

Learn: What is self advocacy and why it is so important? Self advocating or speaking up for yourself helps you get more of what you want. It is a needed life skill that helps everyone. There are many ways to self advocate, we will show you how. Everyone can do it!   Then listen and ask questions to a panel: Self advocates will share examples of how they used self advocacy to help them in life – at home or work, working with staff, going to college, or at their meetings.     We want everyone to know YOU CAN DO IT!

Civic Engagement and Voting

 The Arizona Citizens Clean Elections Commission (ACCEC) along with the Arizona Center for Disability Law and the SABE GoVoter Project will share resources for voters with disabilities, the basics on how to vote, voter rights and accessibility, important dates, and what will be on the ballot in the upcoming 2022 midterm elections.

Adaptive Recreation

This session will start with an explanation of how the City of Phoenix is emerging from Covid and the programs it offers now and will be offering in the future. Representatives from the Institute for Human Development will talk about the Inclusive Recreation Expansion project currently happening in Northern Arizona, including programs that have been created, what is currently available, and the plans for programs in the near future. You will also learn about the opportunity to bring participants and organizations up from the Phoenix area during the heat of the summer. Finally, heart about the roots of Ability360, the current state of adaptive recreation opportunities, and the future of adaptive recreation in our state.

Community Employment

This session will focus how Civitan Foundation’s members have made their journey to self-advocacy through employment – in their own voices and with some input from the Civitan team. What can we do as agencies to empower our members to use their voices to achieve their career and life goals? The fulfillment of gaining a fulfilling job opportunity and earning a paycheck empowers them to speak louder, stronger and with more confidence. Let’s learn from our members and each other for a more united world in self-advocacy – today and every day!

Supported Decision Making

Guardianship is not always your only option! Supported decision-making is a less restrictive choice to legal guardianship. With supported decision-making, you keep your rights while having the support you need to make your own choices.

Vocational Rehabilitation, Employment and Self Advocacy

Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) is a resource for people who have disabilities and face barriers in employment. A person may need to advocate to help them through the process. In this session, participants will hear from professional advocates, Linda and Susan. They will discuss general VR services, one’s rights and other information. Self-advocates Chellis and Jason will share stories of their VR experiences. They will provide tips as you engage in your own journey to the world of work.

Healthy Relationships and Sex Education for All

 Everyone deserves to experience healthy relationships and healthy sexuality. This workshop will explore the ways the I/DD community is disproportionately impacted by sexual violence and the correlation between sexual violence and lack of comprehensive sex education provided and prioritized.

Addressing Vaccine Hesitancy Through Self Advocacy

This session will discuss IHD’s short-form media project, which aims to provide persons with disabilities with access to information about the lived experiences of others in the disability community related to COVID-19 and the COVID-19 vaccines. This presentation is being developed with self advocates so the project reflects the needs of the disability community for relevant information about COVID-19 as well as how to share their experiences.  We will show TikToks and other media that have been generated by this project, as well as the experiences of self-advocates participating in this project.

Self-Advocacy, Growth and Connection: Pathways to Careers and Community Engagement

Peer mentors Gabe Martinez and Kevin Matsunaga from the University of Arizona Sonoran Center for Excellence in Disabilities will share their experiences as self-advocates living and working within their community. Gabe will highlight his work as a board member for different community organization such as the Arizona Center for Disability Law and the Self-Advocacy Solutions Coalition, and talk about how others can make an impact. Kevin is a University of Arizona graduate. He will discuss what resources are available for youth and young adults interested in secondary education, the college application experience, and the importance of being a life-long learner.

Be Your Best Advocate! Experience & 20 Tips for the Soup Mix

With seventy-nine combined years of advocacy experience for loved ones, community, animals, and themselves, the two presenters aim to provide participants some of the different ingredients for your own “Soup Mix” so that you can become your best advocate. They will share helpful tips, important ideas, and lessons learned … some the hard way! The goal is that by the end of the presentation, you will have the ingredients and tools to STAND for yourself and get what you need!!

ABLE Accounts and Employment

Panelists will discuss the breadth of employment opportunities for persons with disabilities in Arizona and how employment can affect disability benefits. They will also discuss options you can use to have a job and continue to receive benefits, including using an ABLE account.

The Human-Animal Connection – Service, Therapy & Emotional Support Animals

Trained animals can be our partners in healing, resilience, and well-being. This talk will explain the role of therapy animals, emotional support animals, and service animals – and how they are different. Could an animal be your partner on your life journey? Are you interested in a visit from a therapy animal? Are you considering adoption? Would a dog or cat or horse be best for you? This talk will outline the responsibilities and benefits of having animals in your life, either for an hour or as a forever partner.

All About State Local Self Advocacy Groups

Presentations by self advocacy groups in Arizona.