Pump up the Volume in Preschool

pvip_logoPVIP is a three year U.S. Department of Education Early Reading First project serving selected preschool programs in the Gallup-McKinley School District in northwest New Mexico that promotes early literacy and future success in kindergarten for at-risk preschoolers.
  • Southwest Institute for Families and Children
  • Arizona State University
  • Gallup-McKinley School District
  • Navajo Department of Diné Education
Navajo Nation is a land in transition, blending the past and the present, reaching out to a future in which children have the skills to compete in the global economy, while embracing Navajo language and culture. Pump up the Volume in Preschool (PVIP) will serve 280 3-4 year old primarily Navajo children at four regions in northwest New Mexico. It is a partnership among Gallup McKinley County Schools, Navajo Department of Diné Education, Arizona State University, and the Southwest Institute for Families and Children.
PVIP goals are to increase the amount of letters recognized, sounds manipulated, and words used in print rich environments that reflect the traditions, experiences and culture of the children. This is accomplished by implementing a thoughtful multi-strategy approach founded on science-based reading research and driven by ongoing assessment and progress monitoring.  The goals are:
  • SBRR early literacy high interest, multi-modal curriculum enriched by play (Houghton-Mifflin Pre-K: Where Bright Futures Begin) coupled with culturally-based activities reflecting Navajo customs and traditions
  • increased time for learning opportunities (full day, 42 week year)
  • extensive language acquisition for all children
  • a specific rigorous plan and timeline for ELL
  • valid and reliable continuous progress monitoring of all children
  • proactive Response to Intervention for children struggling to master the core curriculum
  • high intensity professional development and coaching by master teachers active engagement of family and community.​


Contact Information:

Karen Burstein
480-222-8800 Ext. 307