Self advocacy solutions

Strengthening Self Advocates in Arizona to speak up for themselves!

Mission Statement

To grow self advocacy in Arizona by supporting self advocacy groups, motivating cross-disability involvement, engaging in public policy, and identifying opportunities for people with disabilities to speak up, changing society as a result. 


Self Advocacy Solutions is a coalition of self advocacy groups and allies throughout Arizona. Our goal is to strengthen self advocates to speak up for themselves and others by working together through self advocacy groups.

What Is Self Advocacy?

A group picture of the self advocacy group people first of Tucson

* Speaking up for what you want and need.

*Trusting yourself that you know yourself best.

*Not giving up on what you want!

* What you have to say IS important!

* Courage to speak up when decisions are being made about your life.


Self Advocacy Solutions is looking for members who are interested in growing the self advocacy movement.

  • Learn about self advocacy and join a group.
  • Learn how to develop or strengthen your self advocacy group.
  • Work with self advocacy groups around the state to advocate for positive change.
  • Learn about the issues that affect self advocates throughout the state.

Become a member today!

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Contact George Garcia For more information –

(602) 235-0354 EXT. 801

Scholarship Opportunity for Self Advocacy Groups!

Scholarship application. Click here to apply.

Self Advocacy Solutions is looking to provide five scholarships worth up to $2,000 each to groups or organizations that are willing to support existing or newly developed self advocacy groups. Download the application for the scholarship today! Scholarship applications will be accepted until September 2021 or until funds run out.

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