Connect2Help Circle

c2hOur goal is to help individuals and families by sharing resource information and connecting people.
SWIft® Resource has a wide variety of community and state information, including people who are willing to share their talents and knowledge with others.
Connect2Help Circle helps connects people in need with those who can meet the need.  Anyone can register to be a Volunteer Helper and Register a Need.
The Library has information specific to systems of care for children, youth and adults with special needs and behavioral health conditions and their families.
There are many individuals and family members who serve as sources of support for those who are just beginning to seek help.  Let us know how else we can help you …
Any views and commentaries expressed therein are those of the individual or organization and do not necessarily represent the views and opinions of the Connect2Help Circle Core Team, Southwest Institute, funding agency or of their respective affiliates or employees.
Asset Based Assessment
As communities grow and change, new problems and issues must be addressed.  Rather than focusing on the deficits of communities, SWI has pioneered the model of identifying intrinsic community assets including skills, talents, knowledge as well as services.  Building community assessments around assets is accomplished by collecting, analyzing, and using data to educate and mobilize communities, organize resources, and plan actions to ultimately improve health and welfare outcomes and build stronger communities for all citizens.
  • AzCATS-Arizona Community Action Teams
  • Governor’s Council on Developmental Disabilities
  • NARBHA-Northern Arizona Regional Behavioral Health Authority
  • Arizona Community Foundation
News Announcement
A third generous annual donation of $8,000 from the Flagstaff Arizona Community Foundation and their partners the Ernest and Evelyn Chilson Foundation, the Forest Highlands Foundation, the Geile Charitable Fund, the GeoFund, and the Molly and Joseph Herman Foundation was made on October 17, 2013!
These funds will EXCLUSIVELY be used to continue uninterrupted support for our part-time Flagstaff area Connect-to-Help Circle Coordinator, Tracey Grantham, who is responsible for assisting families to identify needs, recruits new helpers, disseminating lists of needs to Helpers, delivering donations to families and individuals, as well as serving as the critical point of contact and referral within the Flagstaff community.
C2HC relies on the generosity of community members to rapidly respond to the targeted needs of other Flagstaff citizens though the automated C2HC website, In addition to the infrastructure support from the Flagstaff Community Foundations and their partners, we greatly appreciate the generosity of the over 1,800 community Helpers (donors) across the Flagstaff community, who, to date, have met over 5,000 registered needs from Flagstaff and the surrounding communities by donating materials and services to those in need.
Donations of in-kind support include child and adult clothing, annual back-to-school supplies, new books for school age and younger children and reading tips for parents, used cars for transportation, bus tokens, bicycles, televisions, donated medical and dental care, furniture, computers, phone cards, and Christmas gifts.  To date, 85% of needs registered with C2HC have been met by community Helper generosity. Again, special thanks are extended to the Flagstaff Arizona Community Foundation and their partners the Ernest and Evelyn Chilson Foundation, the Forest Highlands Foundation, the Geile Charitable Fund, and GeoFund, and Molly and Joseph Herman Foundation for their generous support..

Contact Information:

Tracey Grantham