John Britton is Self Advocates Becoming Empowered (SABE) Region 2 Representative.  He wants to support the grant and support SABE and the People First of Arizona group to do a good job on the grant. He has worked at Target for 14 years and he is a self-advocate at his job and his whole life.


Katie Griffith started her advocacy work in 2006 teaching the Southwest Institute for Families and Children Fast track Program to high school students and completing the program herself so she had the ability to teach others later on during that time. Katie Griffith graduated with her AA degree in Biblical Studies from Andersonville Theological Seminary. Now Katie continues to do advocacy with Ability360, People First of Arizona and Youth Action Council of Arizona and loves every minute of it!  She is the new People First of Arizona President.


Monica Cooper describes herself as a leader; she is President of OASIS, Vice President of People First of Arizona. Speaking at the legislature is one of her greatest accomplishments because she has a passion for speaking up about what’s right for people with and without disabilities.

Jolene De Tiege is a core company member of Theatre360, that is part of an advocacy program under Ability360. She enjoys being part of a company that self advocates through a creative outlet such as the performing arts. Jolene has a passion for social justice, and hopes to learn more about self advocating for herself and others.

Alyssa Mills is an active member of the Youth Action Council of Arizona since 2011, and President of the organization since March of 2014. I have also presented on the national level about youth leadership and advocacy. Being a youth leader and advocate means that I can help others to find their voice and advocate for their needs and goals.