Inclusive Empowerment Network

What is Inclusive Empowerment Network?

The Inclusive Empowerment Network mission is to encourage the empowerment of people with and without disabilities in an all inclusive environment through education and community involvement in all aspects of change and advocacy.

Who can join Inclusive Empowerment Network?

Everyone is welcome to be part of Inclusive Empowerment Network. All they need to have is a willingness to learn about the issues that affect people with disabilities and a desire to become a leader within the community.

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How does Inclusive Empowerment Network empower people? 

Inclusive Empowerment Network empowers people by providing education on programs and resources for  people within their communities. Inclusive Empowerment Network also promotes self advocacy and self-determination through mentoring and workshops.

How often do Inclusive Empowerment Network people get together?

Members meet once a month in person on the first Saturday of each month to explore  disability related issues. Meetings are usually held at the Pyle Center 655 E Southern Ave, Tempe, AZ 85282.  Meetings are from 1pm to 3pm.

Members also meet virtually on the third Saturday of every month using GoToMeeting app from 2pm to 4pm .

YAC-AZ members George, Juliana, Calvin, and Jay are standing in front of House of Representatives in Arizona

YAC-AZ members go to the state capital

Does it cost money to be part of Inclusive Empowerment Network? 

It is absolutely free to be part of Inclusive Empowerment Network!  In order to pay for special events, Inclusive Empowerment Network members may participate in small fund raising events.

Do Inclusive Empowerment Network members have fun?  

Absolutely!  Inclusive Empowerment Network members participate in fun events such as bowling, dinners, and movies as well as community service activities.   Inclusive Empowerment Network members pay their own cost to participate in special events.

Who do I contact to be part of Inclusive Empowerment Network?

You can contact George Garcia at 602-235-0354 ext 801,

Or find us on Facebook!