Curriculum-Based Decision Making

cbdmPerformance standards including those for Head Start centers require intentionally observing and assessing children on an ongoing basis so that teachers have the information they need to promote and support each child’s learning and developmental progress.

The Curriculum-Based Decision Making (CBDM) tool is created to help teachers take full advantage of the myriad of observations that typically occur each day by systematically monitoring children’s learning. It is a fast and easy-to-use method of assessing skills using test materials based on the individual classroom curriculum. It provides accurate data to teachers to inform modifications to and pacing of instruction that meets individual needs. Furthermore, it allows teachers to establish meaningful goals and benchmarks for their students.

CBDM helps teachers:
  • Get continuous and meaningful information rapidly
  •   Determine how well students are learning
  •   Assess effects of modifications to instruction for individual children
  •   Ensure that short term goals lead to long-range outcomes
  •   Customize assessment to reflect instructional content
  •   Provide easily managed records and reporting on individual children or groups
  •   Track patterns of performance for individual children or the whole class
  •   Promote data -driven instructional planning
CBDM Procedure:
  • Develop brief routine or cumulative assessments with sample concepts covered in classroom or grade level instruction
  • Routinely assess teacher -or program- selected children
  • Examine the results and evaluate each child or group performance
  • Determine the need to modify instruction or pace
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of modifications
  • Monitor performance across time
  • Celebrate your success and children’s progress
  • Share the good news with parents by sending home the CBDM Summary of Progress


Contact Information:
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