Arizona self advocacy groups

Inclusive empowerment network logo with a green Asterix replacing the "I" In the middle of the word inclusive.  The Asterix is holding onto a kite.

Inclusive Empowerment Network

President Calvin Cook


Meets in Phoenix Arizona and available online statewide

The Inclusive Empowerment Network (IEN) mission is to encourage the empowerment of people with and without disabilities in an all inclusive environment through education and community involvement in all aspects of change and advocacy. Like us on Facebook!

People first of Arizona logo.  A blue outline of the state of Arizona with a large number one in the center painted orange with a saguaro cactus inside the number one.  Underneath the number one it says "self advocacy group since 1996"

People First of Arizona

Advisor Lynn Black


Meets in Phoenix Arizona

People First of Arizona is celebrating 25 years of being a Self Advocacy Community.

We are a self advocacy and civil rights group run by and for people with disabilities, that offers experience through self-advocacy.  We are a community based group and not connected with any provider agency. 

Located in Maricopa County but participation is statewide.  Virtual meetings 2x a month- 2nd Thursday and 4th Saturday. 

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Self-direction logo with three arrows chasing each other in the form of a circle placed on top of the words self-direction


Advisor Michelle Jacquez


Meets in Nogales Arizona

Athletic leadership Council logo.  Contains three animated people holding flags in the air together.  On the left side of the logo it says "showing the way".

Athletic Leadership Council

Advisor Saul Lugo email: or (602)228-1696

The Athlete Leadership Program is an inclusive program by athletes for athletes and showcases athletes leadership talents. Athlete Leaders promote positive leadership for all involved with Special Olympics Arizona.

Athlete Leaders will encourage, support, inspire, motivate, and provide opportunities for meaningful inclusion throughout SOAZ. Athlete Leaders drive the direction of SOAZ’s programs, engage in speaking opportunities to spread awareness, and educate various communities on the importance of inclusion

Athlete Leaders create an inclusive community where individuals are not defined by their disability.

Self logo.  Contains a design of a box with a ribbon looping on the inside.  The logo says "self.  Seeking equality leading to fairness."

 S.E.L.F. (Seeking Equality Leading to Fairness)

Advisor Ryan Barry


Mission Statement: To seek equality and fairness for people with disabilities, providing them a seat at the table to make decisions and hold those in power accountable.

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Northern Arizona Tribal Disability Coalition

Advisor Kathleen DeLaRosa

Ph# (928)614-0989


Mission: To Establish and Strengthen Self Advocacy for all People with Disabilities in Tribal Communities.

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